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    Updated on 26 Dec 2019. Posted on 30 May 2019

    23 Things That Will Make Every Arab-Australian Say "Same"

    Spilling the shai.

    1. Being constantly terrified of this deadly weapon that could strike any time you anger your parents.

    MarieSteel / Via

    The shehayta is some real Arab meets Australia shit.

    2. Having to answer 101 questions from your parents if you want to go out.

    NBC / Via

    "Who's this friend you're going with? Where do they live? What do they study? Who are their parents? Men bayt miin? How long will you be? Why don't you take me out?" – Every Arab parent ever.

    3. And if you did end up going out, you definitely weren’t allowed to do it two days in a row.

    me: dad am going out. dad: no, you went out last year #growingupwitharabparents

    4. Trying to convince your non-Arab friends that watermelon and halloumi is the best food combo.

    5. Having to endure the epic battle of paying for the bill every single time your family goes out for a meal.

    6. And enduring the men's battles in the game of 400.

    VH1 / Via

    Normal people's competitive levels: 100

    Arab uncle's competitive levels: The limit does not exist.

    7. Getting keen to eat your laffa during school lunch.

    Yes I made a nutella sandwich on pita bread, I'm too Lebanese.

    Nutella in Lebanese bread is hands down THE staple combo.

    8. Knowing winter has come when the magical hram comes out.

    9. Your house has an "inside-outside" hangout area.

    BuzzFeed / Rayane Tamer

    And don’t forget about those iconic green chairs for the ultimate argileh night in.

    10. Taking Panamax when you’re on your death bed.

    BuzzFeed / Rayane Tamer

    And in extreme cases, 7 Up.

    11. Having weddings begin two hours after the time written on the invitation.

    The Rundown with Robin Thede / Via

    Actual footage of me and my family walking in ~fashionably~ late.

    12. And dancing anywhere and everywhere when the drums start going at 8pm.

    13. LITERALLY anywhere.

    I am at a crazy Arab wedding (they’re all crazy.. right?) anyway a man in a wheelchair wheeled onto the dance floor and a number of men held him UP in his wheelchair and danced with him lolol.

    14. Tallying the amount of times an aunt says "3a2belek" with gleaming eyes.

    The Paley Center for Media / Via

    15. Adding whatever amount of garlic you think is appropriate for a dish and then adding, like, seven more cloves.

    Lil Yachty / Via

    Asking your cousin at a barbecue to check if your breath smells like toum is a real mood.

    16. Adding "ing" to Arabic words.

    Imagine my grandmothers horror when she hears her grandkids saying that they are “edrosing” (studying) Arabic

    Eshteghling, argelling, kannessing...they all just make so much more sense, right?

    17. Being forced to speak with your relatives overseas.

    NBC / Via

    "Haha, mmm...keef el ta2as over there?"


    19. Realising our Arabic sayings are so dramatic when translated to English.

    20. Coming to terms with the fact that not everyone has the amount of cousins that you do.

    21. And then sometimes losing track of how many cousins you actually have.

    22. Taking food seriously. Very seriously.

    You know you’re arab when you feast like that #BlessedFriday

    23. And finally, being united with other Arab-Australians by remembering the most iconic glass from your childhood.

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