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A Mom's Response To People Whining About Victoria Beckham Kissing Her Baby

Sorry whiny people...I'm a mom just like Victoria Beckham, and I kiss my kids as a sign of love and affection. #DEALWITHIT.

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I've been MIA from social media for a week due to a wedding trip up in Frisco, and I come back to articles on how outraged people are of Victoria Beckham kissing her own kid's lips?

Let's just back up here for a second, and analyze this #realquick.

A few days ago celebrity mom, Posh Spice posted an Instagram picture of her kissing her just-turned five year old daughter, Harper Beckham, which made some people indescribably uncomfortable.

Some of the commentators went as far as CAPSLOCKING their comments to express their level of discomfort toward the Instagram post, which has been liked by more than 500 thousand people.

Some instagramers commented:

Kissing her naked daughter??? WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK!!! THIS WORLD IS F*CKD OR btw i have a dog too and thats absolutely disgusting i would never kiss him on the mouth especially after he fetches a dead mouse for me.

Does this mean we're going to start passing bills on how we're supposed to "mother" or nurture our own children now because of these whiny, sexually awkward people? No.

Stop it people.

These children are ours. And as long as we mothers carried them for nine months, and PUSHED THEM OUT of our organs OURSELVES, we're going to show them the love and affection they deserve. That includes kissing them on their lips.

This doesn't mean that we're sick in the head, and us moms go as far as doing malicious and abhorrent things listed on RAINN's website. If you think so, well, you've probably been watching too many episodes of Law & Order: SVU.

First of all, why are you comparing a child to a dog?

Second, nobody asked you awkward people to look at her photo OR feel the feelings you felt. She posted what she believes is her being a mommy, showing how much she loves her little treasure of a human being, who is proud of her own daughter turning five.

There is so much more calamity around the world going on that are far worse than a mother kissing her own child. Example: world hunger, child pornography, rape, usury, racism, prejudice, social injustice, etc.

But I guess we've all sunken so low as to badger a mother who is not afraid to show her love for her child.

Well, public, sorry to disappoint you...but I love my kids too. Your own parents PROBABLY love you too.

And for us parents who love their kids, who aren't afraid to show just how much...we say: #DEALWITHIT.

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