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9 Different Feelings That Different Folks Have When It's Friday

It's FRIDAY! Time to take a nap before bed.

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1. Folks Who Work The 9 to 5 / Via tumblr

It never seems possible at the start of the week, but you made it, champ.

2. Folks, Who Are Teachers, At The End Of Their Last Class


You've earned it, champ.

3. Folks Who Always Work The Weekends


Chin up, champ. It'll soon be Monday.

4. Folks Who Are Just Toddlers


You'll find out when you're older, champ. Just continue being cute.

5. Folks Who Are Still In School


Partying, Partying, Yeah! Oh to be young again. Go get em, champ!

6. Folks Who Are Still In College/University


Every day's a Friday for you, champ.

7. Folks Who Have Young Children


Why use a babysitter when you can just stay in? Amirite, champ?

8. Folks Whose Children Are Older And Have Their Own Plans


Hurray for your independent champs, champ.

9. And The Folks Who Are Happily Retired


Never stop living your life, champ.

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