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What's The Greatest Sports Movie Of All Time?

Are you more of a Rocky Balboa or an Air Bud?

Even non-sports fans can agree that sports movies are some of the best out there.

Flower Films

You've got your good natured comedies like The Sandlot.

20th Century Fox

Where a preteen boy inexplicably doesn't know who Babe Ruth is.

Your inspirational tearjerkers like Remember the Titans.

Walt Disney Pictures

What's more inspirational than Denzel Washington uniting a segregated high school football team in the South?

You've got your sci-fi basketball crossover classics like Space Jam.

Warner Bros. Entertainment

Remember that time MJ retired from basketball and made a movie about aliens in his free time?

And your goosebumps inducing dramas like Raging Bull.

United Artists Entertainment / Via Giphy

We want to rank the greatest sports movies of all time, so tell us your favorite films in the comments below!

MTV Films

The best responses will be featured in a Buzzfeed Community post!

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