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A Lot Of NBA Players Got Into A Full Fledged Emoji War Today

Let the first annual Emoji Games commence.

It all started when ESPN reporter Marc Stein tweeted that DeAndre Jordan was considering reversing his decision to leave the LA Clippers for the Dallas Mavericks.

Story going online now: ESPN sources say Clippers lobbying DeAndre Jordan to reverse his decision to join Dallas and stay in LA with Clips

And that DeAndre's Clipper teammates were trying to convince him to stay in L.A.

ESPN sources say Blake Griffin has already huddled with DeAndre Jordan on the matter and that Chris Paul could also still join the process

So naturally, this sparked an emoji war among all NBA players on twitter. The Clippers and the Mavs are all trying to meet with DeAndre, but how does one travel to DeAndre's hometown of Houston?

Plane seems like the best bet tbh.

But Clippers guard JJ Redick lives in Austin, so maybe he'll just drive to Houston!

Blake Griffin, however, is NOT messing around with transportation and will take any means of travel necessary.

Chris Paul is on vacation so I guess he'll just take his banana boat?

Seriously, he's on a banana boat right now.

Some of us, including NBA Champ Draymond Green, were VERY confused.

Sheesh I see travel emojis everywhere on my timeline... What's going on lol

But some just went with it.

Except for Paul Pierce, who doesn't know what an emoji keyboard is and just tweeted a picture of an emoji.

Maybe it's because he's old and un-hip like the cool young players.

Paul Pierce just tweeted with his Game Boy color lol

Or maybe he's just a bit confused how to work an iPhone.

aw man. somebody teach PP bout the extra keyboard with the emojis. sahn strugglin

But seriously, do you not know what an emoji keyboard is?

.@paulpierce34 You realize this is an image of an emoji and not an actual emoji right? Have you ever used emoji or did you just google it?

Who even invited him?

You tweeted a picture of an emoji, instead of an actual emoji. You're not doing this right.

Anyways, back to NBA players/coaches tweeting emojis.

Not sure what you're trying to tell us here, Mike Woodson.

Diehard Clippers fan Billy Crystal tweeted this.

The Golden State Warriors aint got no worries, because duh, they're NBA Champions.

And the Cavs are probably indicating that they aint got no worries either, 'cause, like, LeBron James plays for them.

Still waiting for DeAndre Jordan to comment on Emoji-Gate. His account has been suspiciously quiet.

But really I'm just waiting for J.R. Smith to wake up and tweet the eggplant emoji.