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Knicks Fans Reacted Hilariously To Their Draft Pick


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Thursday night the Knicks drafted Kristaps Porzingis fourth overall in the NBA Draft.

And this is how Knicks fans attending the draft reacted.

Crying Knicks Kid is all of us.

Nobody was happy.

Everyone on Twitter was mad.

Teams drafting franchise players &the Knicks are ordering appetizers at an Italian restaurant. "Yes we'll start with the Kristaps Porzingis"

Because being a Knicks fan is tough.

Like really tough.



I don't care about this draft anymore. I don't care about anything anymore. Sports are dumb.

But perhaps best of all was SportsCenter anchor Stephen A. Smith, who left VACATION to vent about the Knicks pick.

Smith's specialty is Twitter rants, and he did not disappoint last night.

I'm done. I'm just done. I'm turning the draft off right now. I know Porzingis can play, but we don't see the next coming of Andrea Bargnani

Phil Jackson evidently has no regard for the long-time suffering of NYers, nor @carmeloanthony for that matter. Melo's been used. PLAYED!!!

And Yes, I'm on vacation. But damnit, who cares! I'm calling @SportsCenter to come on tonight. I cannot let this pass. I just can't.

But have no fear Knicks fans... there is a silver lining!!!

"He has a great sense of American culture," a Kristaps Porzingis teammate told me. "He goes on WorldStarHipHop every day."

I wonder how Melo is doing.

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