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Juventus Fans Force Black Real Madrid Fan Off Subway

A new video appears to show a group of rowdy Juventus fans push a Black fan out of a subway car in Madrid.

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After defeating Real Madrid to reach the Champions League Final, Juventus fans flooded the streets of Madrid in celebration.

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As many fans rushed toward the train, you can see a group of Juventus fans forcibly push a Black man clad in Real Madrid gear out of the train car.

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He appears to be the only person in the car who is pushed out.

Juventus fans have a history of racial abuse. In May 2009 Juventus had to play a league game behind closed doors after chants of "a black Italian does not exist" were directed at 18-year-old Mario Balotelli the week prior.

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A similar incident occurred in February of this year when Chelsea FC fans prevented a Black man from boarding a Paris metro train.

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After pushing him off, they began chanting "we're racist, we're racist and that's the way we like it!" / Via The Guardian

Buzzfeed has reached out to UEFA regarding the matter.

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