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    The Internet Reacted Hilariously To The Jets Locker Room Fight

    The Jets gonna Jet and they won't stop Jettin'

    It went DOWN in the New York Jets locker room today when Jets starting QB Geno Smith was sucker punched by teammate IK Enemkpali.

    #Jets coach Todd Bowles announced Geno Smith was sucker punched in the locker room, broke his jaw. IK Enemkpali, the puncher, was released

    Nobody really knows why they started arguing.

    Word is Geno Smith put his finger in the face of IK Enemkpali’s during and argument that wasn’t getting difused. Then came the punch

    Maybe it was over grammar differences?

    Geno Smith: it's Berenstein Bears IK Enemkpali: it's Berenstain Bears

    Or perhaps it was over a woman?

    Putting your finger in a 3rd string player's face in the locker room doesnt sound like football shit to me. So what's her name?

    Either way, it *probably* wasn't over something serious.

    What provoked the altercation? Bowles: "It was something very childish that 6th graders could have talked about."

    But many questioned WHY Geno would even start a fight with a linebacker in the first place.

    This is who Geno Smith tried to go at? This man who looks like he just finished eating an entire deer?

    Now, we can all agree that getting punched in the face by a teammate is no laughing matter...

    Ryan Fitzpatrick is about to be the starting QB for the @nyjets b/c SOMEBODY PUNCHED THE QB IN THE JAW! REALLY? YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP.

    However, is anyone really surprised?

    Jets really topped the butt fumble tho. INCREDIBLE.

    Naturally, the MJ crying meme made several appearances.

    And a new meme was born in light of recent events.


    Some brought up some good points.

    So let me gets this straight- Kanye West can record a rapper album with his jaw wired shut but Geno Smith cant throw a football? makes sense

    Others asked WWPCS: What Would Pete Carroll Say?

    GENO SMITH: A Jet attacked me! PETE CARROLL: actually, it was George W. Bush. watch Loose Change, bitch.

    The Geno Smith interception jokes didn't take long.


    Sources say Geno Smith threw the first punch but it was a couple yards short

    Geno Smith breaking his Jaw is probably the best thing to happen to the Jets this off season

    Some perfectly summed up exactly how all Jets fans were feeling.

    I mean...

    We were warned this would happen.

    This headline is from December 1, 2014.

    But no worries, Geno Smith appears to be doing okay!

    For better or for worse.