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    Jul 31, 2015

    27 Struggles All Arab Muslim Girls Know Too Well

    If you ain't foreign, you boring.

    1. Your family is big enough to make up a small village.

    HBO Films/ Playtone

    2. And there's no such thing as 'inside voices'.

    Dreamworks Pictures

    3. No such thing as 'personal space' either.

    4. Which means no personal questions are off limits.

    5. ESPECIALLY when it comes to your ~relationship status~

    FOX/ Mindy Kaling Project

    6. The topic of marriage comes up literally all the time.

    HBO Films/ Playtone

    7. It's especially a focal point of conversations with your Teta.

    NBC/ 30 Rock

    8. Probably because you go to roughly 783 weddings a year.

    Apatow Productions/ Bridesmaids

    Give or take.

    9. Which, while we're on the subject, why is finding a *modest* dress damn near impossible?

    Why are they all sleeveless/ backless/ LOW CUT?!

    10. Let's also talk about how many hours we waste grooming our hair.


    So much hair, so little time.

    11. And how it's impossible to diet with the amount of food we consume on a regular basis.


    12. What's a few extra pounds when our food is so good, anyway?

    13. Don't even get me started on people who eat hummus with carrots instead of pita bread.

    14. Or when non-Arabs wear Keffiyeh's for *fashion*

    CBS/ Big Bang Theory / Via giphy

    15. When you meet a great guy and realize he's not Muslim.

    20th Century Fox/ Titanic / Via Giphy

    16. Or one who isn't ready to "settle down"

    Via Giphy

    Ibn haram always wants bint halal.

    17. When people assume you're oppressed because you're an Arab/ Muslim/ Girl.

    Bravo TV / Via giphy

    18. Thanks for that, mainstream media.

    19. I'm sorry you don't understand what it means to be Arab-fabulous.

    FOX/ Mindy Kaling Project

    20. Even though finding your name on a souvenir is like, not possible.

    21. Your parents don't quite understand your generation's sense of fashion.

    CW / Via giphy

    22. And their solution to every illness is a cup of tea.

    Bravo TV

    Oh you have the flu? Here drink some chai. With mint leaves.

    23. In fact, a portion of your backyard probably looks like this.


    24. And they most likely have a separate freezer filled with halal meat.

    25. Your parent's favorite word is 'Inshallah' which actually translates to...


    26. And they have an interesting way of showing their love.


    27. And they somehow know every other Arab within a 50 mile radius.

    But despite the crazy, you wouldn't have it any other way.

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