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    31 Pictures That Perfectly Capture What It's Like Growing Up Arab

    Do you want some Bebsi?

    1. Your parents always knew how to make you feel guilty before going out.

    #growinguparab 😂😂😂 "allah is watching"

    2. They took the word 'overprotective' to a whole other level.

    3. Because being legal in the eyes of the law means nothing when you're Arab.

    #GrowingUpArab When you're 18 and you're like '' I'm free now '' then you remember you're Arab

    4. Having to break out a calculator to determine how many cousins you have.

    5. Knowing there was only one remedy for any illness.

    "mama I'm sick" "habibi drink this medicine" #growinguparab #growingupmuslim

    6. And having at least three of these in your house.

    #GrowingUpArab every household had them

    7. When you forgot to do the most important thing.

    8. And knowing when shit was about to hit the fan.

    #GrowingUpArab means that if u get this from your parents infront of guests, youre getting an asswhooping.

    9. And let's talk about traveling to another country.

    #growinguparab taking this with you whenever you travelled to a foreign country is more important than clothes.

    10. You had to take many precautions before boarding an airplane.

    Summer Trip here I come #ArabProblems #GrowingUpArab

    11. And when you're not traveling, your house is filled with pictures of the "old country".

    #GrowingUpArab Every grandparents house had a picture of the Old Country in it

    12. And you all of a sudden got very busy whenever relatives called.

    #GrowingUpArab when your parents talk to relatives on the phone and they about to make you talk to them

    13. Having guests over made your mama break out the gaudy tea sets.

    14. Having people over for dinner is easier than going out, because...

    When it's time to decide who pays the bill at a restaurant #growinguparab

    15. Even though your mom has borderline OCD when it comes to cleanliness.

    16. There are no limits to their cleaning sprees.

    17. And there was always one room that was JUST FOR GUESTS.

    #GrowingUpArab Having that one room just for show

    18. And you had to be careful before opening any jar.

    When ur excited about finding nutella and the u find out its a jar of spices #GrowingUpArab

    19. Because your mother would repurpose EVERYTHING.

    when u r excited to have some sweets then, u open it & u find this #GrowingUpArab

    20. She'd put "evil eye" jewels all over the house.

    #GrowingUpArab being confused as to how this was both lucky and evil

    21. Just seeing this picture is giving you anxiety.

    You can't walk past a shoe that's upside down #TheAnxiety #GrowingUpArab

    22. And seeing this gives you nightmares.

    #GrowingUpArab what you had nightmares about after you caught a good whooping and thought you'd sleep it off

    23. Basically.

    24. Realizing there is no acceptable college degree other than pre-med.

    'Hey father I want to be an actor!!!' Father: 'No habiti it's pronounced DOCtor' #growinguparab #growingupmuslim

    25. And knowing that dating could be... tricky.

    #growinguparab the only date you'll ever get

    26. Being the only brown person in class was not fun.

    #GrowingUpArab and ur class start talking about 9/11

    27. And people not understanding why your dad calls you "baba".

    #GrowingUpArab when your American friends ask.

    28. Or why they can't pronounce the letter P.

    29. Everyone thinking you come from a desert.

    how they show arab cities in movies and how they actually look like #growinguparab

    30. Always accounting for "Arab Time".

    31. And nobody ever being able to pronounce your name.