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16 Reasons Knicks Fans Should Love Kristaps Porzingis

Let's turn those Draft Day frowns upside down.

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Last night the Knicks drafted Kristaps Porzingis 4th overall in the NBA Draft, and Knicks fans were not happy.

But there's no need to boo! My man Kristaps actually seems like a pretty cool dude.

1. For one, he's super excited about playing in New York.

2. He actually said the words "It was my dream to play in New York."

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3. He's pretty good at basketball things, like dunking.

4. And he's totally in tune with American culture.

"He has a great sense of American culture," a Kristaps Porzingis teammate told me. "He goes on WorldStarHipHop every day."

5. He can sing the classics, like 'Ridin Dirty'.

7. His caption game is 100 emoji.

8. His suit game is even better.

9. He understands the importance of a good water slide.

11. And a good #TransformationTuesday.

14. He understands the importance of a good selfie.

15. And knows to always keep it fresh to death.

16. Most of all, he has fantastic taste.

Actual exchange today: Me: "If you could go to dinner with any 3 people...?" Porzingis: "Rihanna, Beyonce and Jay-Z—like a double date."

Welcome to the Team Kristaps!