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Cristiano Ronaldo And Chicharito Kept A Heartwarming Promise To A Paraplegic Fan

The Real Madrid men promised to give a fan their jerseys if they beat Celta Vigo on Sunday.

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Prior to their match against Celta Vigo on Sunday, Cristiano Ronaldo and Chicharito met Fran, a huge fan, outside the players' hotel in Madrid, where they promised to give him their jerseys after the game.

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Thanks to two goals from Chicharito, Real Madrid beat Celta Vigo 4–2.

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Cristiano stayed true to his word and gave Fran a signed jersey after the game.


Chicharito also made his way to Fran after the game with signed goodies.


Fran is a HUGE soccer fan with a collection of 50-plus jerseys. Needless to say, they made his day!

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