Skills You Obtain After Working At Bath & Body Works

(And probably most other retailers as well)

1. Spending a good portion of your paycheck at your own store

Like……an embarrassing proportion…..let’s not talk about exactly how much….

2. Not laughing at the over-the-top training videos

Not only do they LIE about how easy it is to sell to people (and overestimate how nice customers are), but the people have an insane amount of energy. An amount that would make most people uncomfortable in real life

3. Using multiple coupons

Because you can’t combine coupons (except for on a couple days a year), you get really good at figuring out how to make multiple transactions so your customers get the best deals………

4. Combining your discount with coupons and sales

…..and on a related note, since you can’t use your discount on sale items or with coupons, you also figure out how to do multiple transactions so YOU get the best deals

5. Condensing boxes

Because we always get wayyyyy to much shipment. Need to make room for more stuff!!!

6. Changing your fragrance with every season

Like refusing to wear Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin the day after Thanksgiving because it’s officially the Christmas season……and Christmas means Winter Candy Apple!!!

7. Pretending that you aren’t frustrated that you start getting Holiday shipments before Halloween

We have all this Halloween stuff that we need to find room for and now we have to start storing Holiday products??? LAME!!

8. Improvising displays

Because they never seem to send you enough product to complete the display

9. Hating floorsets

Floorsets are when you stay late after the store closes and rearrange the displays. They become the bane of your existence.

10. Smiling

You have to do this a lot. And it’s not difficult to remember to do this because working at Bath & Body Works is an awesome job!!!!!

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