15 Reasons Why Unemployment Isn’t So Bad As Told By “Girls”

This is in no way encouraging you to lay in bed and eat bonbons for the rest of your life but hey, landing a job is hard. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of your involuntary vacation. Also, what are bonbons?

1. You finally have time to catch up with old friends.

OK so maybe you’re not doing all that amazing. But Denise definitely deserves a call. You’ve kind of been MIA these past four to seven years thanks to college/grad school/med school/law school/school in general.

2. Netflix.

Breaking Bad. House of Cards. Orange Is the New Black. The possibilities are ENDLESS. And prepare yourself. Things get really real on each of the aforementioned series.

3. You can sleep until noon.

Actually, you can sleep until whenever you’d like. You’re unemployed, remember? No need to spend money on coffee because you don’t have to be tired anymore.

4. It doesn’t matter what day it is.

HBO / Via giphy.com

Oh, it’s Wednesday? Every day is Friday to you.

5. You can go outside and just appreciate, like, flowers and stuff.

You’re in your prime right now. Live it up, kid.

6. No one can yell at you for being lazy.

Unless you live with your parents. They might have a problem with the whole sitting on a chair all day thing.

7. You can figure out the kind of person you want to be with.

There’s also a BuzzFeed quiz for that.

8. You now have all the time in the world to get in shape.

I mean, if you’re into being healthy, now’s your chance.

9. You can experiment with your look.

HBO / Via 0b03.tumblr.com

You don’t have to perfect that corporate look yet so why not try out a new hairdo? But please, don’t try cutting your own hair. That never ends well. However, should you choose to ignore that piece of advice, it’s OK. You can hide out in your bedroom until your bangs grow out again.

10. Time to find your Twitter voice.

If you want to make it anywhere in life, you’ve got to know who you are. Tweeting can help. I think. Maybe.

11. You can be in a Jay Z music video.

Because who doesn’t want that?

12. You can read books before seeing the movie based on that book.

Time for movies AND books? FAB. Plus, reading makes you smarter.

13. Stealing food from your parents’ refrigerator.

They’re totally cool with it if it means you saving money.

14. You start to realize all of the greatness you bring to the table.

Whether it be at a job, in a relationship, or just life in general…you’ve got it all, babe.

15. You can try all of the things.

You can do anything. Seriously.

Everything is going to be just fine.

Keep your chin up. Nobody has it figured it out yet.

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