15 Reasons Why Unemployment Isn't So Bad As Told By "Girls"

This is in no way encouraging you to lay in bed and eat bonbons for the rest of your life but hey, landing a job is hard. There's no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of your involuntary vacation. Also, what are bonbons?

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1. You finally have time to catch up with old friends.

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OK so maybe you're not doing all that amazing. But Denise definitely deserves a call. You've kind of been MIA these past four to seven years thanks to college/grad school/med school/law school/school in general.

3. You can sleep until noon.

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Actually, you can sleep until whenever you'd like. You're unemployed, remember? No need to spend money on coffee because you don't have to be tired anymore.

9. You can experiment with your look.

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You don't have to perfect that corporate look yet so why not try out a new hairdo? But please, don't try cutting your own hair. That never ends well. However, should you choose to ignore that piece of advice, it's OK. You can hide out in your bedroom until your bangs grow out again.

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