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11 Reasons To Go On A Coffee Date With Jerry Seinfeld

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is quite literally the most self-explanatory web series of all time. Jerry Seinfeld picks his funny pals up in a super cool car and they chat over coffee. Hi, is this heaven?

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1. He might pick you up in a DeLorean.

Yeah. THAT DeLorean. Back to the Future we go!

2. He's concerned about the people serving you.

He just wants you to get that cup of coffee while it's still hot.

3. He shares your love of any kind of food.

Cronuts?! Sounds great.

4. He'll ask you for TV suggestions.

Because you have the best taste, duh.

5. He totally gets your sarcasm.

We've all seen Seinfeld.

6. He'll ask you really important questions.

Spiderman. Obviously.

7. Everything you say will make him laugh hysterically.

Thanks, I'm a comedian.

8. He also despises Newman.

Who doesn't?

9. He really makes you think, like, a lot.

My thoughts exactly, Jerry.

10. He doesn't mind driving you around.

Which is great because driving in places like Manhattan is terrifying.

11. He'll drive you home in a convertible with the top down.

You'll wear sunglasses. The wind will blow through your hair. You'll be the coolest people on the highway.

Hey, Jerry. Let's do this again some time soon..

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