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What Makes A Movie R-Rated?

Ever wonder the reasoning behind movie ratings?

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Why the rating? / Via

Have you ever gone to a movie and disagreed with the rating? There seems to be a blurry boundary when it comes to what is movie is rated. As you may know, the ratings for movies range from G, as the most kid-friendly movie, to NC-17 for adult films. What does each rating represent?

PG-13 Rating.


PG-13 is a rating that cautions parents about the content of a movie. If alcohol, drugs, sexual situations, or any other adult themes are presented, then the movie will most likely have this rating.

R-Rating / Via

If you are under 17 and without a parent, good luck getting into an R-rated movie. R-rated movies are given that rating because they have nudity, sexual themes, drug abuse, frequent language, and violence. *coughs "Deadpool"*

Controversies on the Rating of Films. / Via

There have been many controversies on the rating of films. For instance, the 1971 film "A Clockwork Orange" was originally given a X rating, and even banned in England until 2000.

The Conclusion.

There is a lot that goes into rating a movie. The opinion on who rates it is a big part of its rating. But in the big scheme of things its the watcher who should have the say in what they watch.

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