People Are Revealing What They Believe Is A HUGE Waste Of Money Even When Most People Don't Seem To Think So

    "I think it tastes like someone spit into water, swished it around, and re-labeled it. I am not willing to die on this hill but I am staying here for a while."

    Have you ever seen a person on the internet buy something and your immediate thought was "Why?" Well, you're not alone because Reddit user u/Pir8te4lyfe asked: "What’s something that you think is a waste of money but no one else seems to think so?" and around four thousand people replied. Here's what they had to say below:

    1. "Huge pickup trucks for people who never have to haul anything bigger than groceries."

    a pickup truck on the road

    2. "This year's new phone. What's wrong with the one you got last year?"


    "A cell phone can be used for five years without any negative effects. Then the downfall begins: accumulator deteriorates, no more updates, purposefully worsening by the manufacturer. So you're absolutely right. There’s no need to buy a new phone every year. Buy one every fifth year and save 80%."


    3. "Weddings. The entire wedding industry is such a huge waste of resources. People spend thousands of dollars, and families go into debt, for a party."

    two wedding rings on top of a table

    4. "Coconut water. Yes, it’s personal. Yes, I think it tastes like someone spit into some regular water, swished it around, and labeled it 'coconut water.' No, I am not willing to die on this hill but I am staying here for a while."


    5. "Those fake sales where they jack up the price before the sale."

    clothing sale sign

    6. "Branded clothing. You're paying them to advertise their brand."


    7. "Diamond jewelry."

    a diamond

    8. "Buying a new car every couple of years."


    9. "Buying gifts for people whose tastes you don't know well. I think, in this case, it is better to give money so that the person can buy what they need. In any case, it will be better than a gift that no one will use."

    a person receiving a gift

    10. "Door Dash/Postmates."


    "I looked the other day at getting something for the first time and saw it would cost me almost 30 dollars for a seven-dollar meal. I was like no I’ll just make something."


    11. "Gambling."

    roulette table

    12. "Eyelash extensions. You pay $200 for a set. Then if you shower, exercise, or wash your face, they fall out and then you need 'fills.' You're spending every few weeks to keep them looking good. Also, acrylic nails."

    Getting eyelash extensions

    13. "K-Cups. They are crazy wasteful and the coffee doesn’t even taste that good."

    a line of k-cups

    14. "Country club memberships. Despite spending my childhood summers at the local club pool, I would never spend that kind of money for some sense of exclusivity as an adult."


    15. "Tanning salons. Basically paying to get skin cancer."

    a tanning bed open

    16. "Gender reveal parties."


    "Just tell me what it will be, and I will be happy for you and hope the baby will be healthy. I guess it’s just a trend of these times and it has to go out of fashion sometime. 

    I was invited to one by one of my close friends so I couldn’t say no in good conscience. I was glad to hear it was called off a few days before. He visited me and we talked about it over a few beers. Just like it should be, nice and simple.


    17. "Due to recent inflation, a lot of fast food. The lines never end."

    a person holding fries

    Do you believe something is a huge waste of money that wasn't mentioned above? If so, tell us what it is and why in the comments below: