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    Women Are Revealing Things That Consistently Leave Them Feeling Disappointed — Yet They Still Keep Trying

    "I have social anxiety, and it’s tough to take the first step. It's even worse when no one seems to care."

    No matter how much we try, there are just some things in life that will consistently leave us feeling disappointed. And since having these experiences can oftentimes feel lonely, I thought it would be important to share the answers from Reddit user u/Jumpy_Ad_4583's thread, where they asked the r/AskWomen community, "What consistently leaves you disappointed...but you just keep trying?" Here are not only the responses but also some advice that others left in return.

    1. "Reaching out for friends. Before I deleted Facebook, no one would like or reply to any of my posts. I have social anxiety, and it’s tough to take the first step. But it sucks even more when no one seems to care."

    A woman on her phone looking sad

    2. "Dating apps. It’s a download, entertain, and delete process. Usually within 24 hours. Someday I’ll learn."

    A person using a dating app

    3. "Bangs."

    A woman cutting her bangs

    4. "My partner. Why don’t I just give up? He clearly doesn’t care about me the way I care about him."

    A couple fighting in their home

    5. "People. They're usually just every bit as bad as you thought they were. I hate being proved right sometimes."

    A woman upset sitting next to the couch

    6. "My relationship with my mother."

    A woman and daughter in family therapy

    7. "My introversion. I have friends who can keep going and going, but I have a sudden stop, and after that stop, I’m down for the count no matter how much I want to keep going. I wish I could change that."

    A woman blocking her face from the camera outside

    8. "IVF."

    A woman putting a needle in her stomach

    9. "My brother. I've been trying to be close to him for years. He shows zero interest. When we are together, we have so much fun, but once I'm out of sight, he forgets all about me. Also, when we are together, he never asks me about myself. It sucks, but I will keep trying."

    A brother and sister looking at a phone together and smiling

    10. "My own mind. Sometimes I just can’t shut it off, to the point of overthinking, which often results in disappointment even if everything is fine."

    A woman in bed with her hands to her face

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Is there something you are consistently disappointed about but keep trying to work on? Or do you have any advice for the above individuals? If so, tell us in the comments below.