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Older Adults Are Revealing The Things They're Simply "Getting Too Old" To Deal With Anymore, And My Millennial Self Agrees With Every Single One

"Someone said 'no cap,' and I had no idea what that meant. I'm 35. I understand it now — but who comes up with this?"

As we get older, there are just some things we no longer want to deal with, whether it's on a weekly or daily basis. So when I saw that Reddit user u/XmasJ asked: "What are you simply getting too old for?", I wanted to share their answers to see if you relate. Here's what they had to say below:

1. "Arguing with other people. It makes me think of Keanu Reeves. He gave an interview about growing older and said he protects his peace by refusing to argue with anyone about anything. He said, '2+2 is 5? You are correct. Have a nice day.'"

two people talking to each other outside

2. "Concerts without assigned seating. I'm not showing up hours early to get a good spot and then be stuck there the entire time without being able to sit or use the bathroom or else I lose my view."


3. "Hangovers. Three days to go back to normal is too much now and not worth it."

a man with a hangover

4. "I used to go to the bar on the weekends, play darts, listen to the band, etc. It was fun! Now it's just crowded annoying people, loud music, and overpriced beer with a cover charge. I'll still make an appearance for some food or to watch a game, but it will be more of a happy hour thing."


5. "Anything starting past 9 p.m."

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6. "Putting up with BS. I'm 64 and will retire in eight months and also just filed for a divorce — and hopefully, that will be done before retirement. I'm done with it all. I have looked into buying a co-op condo in a 55+ community and should have one secured within a couple of months. My employer seems to think they can call me for advice when I retire, no, they can't because they have been very toxic, and I'm almost done playing that game. My husband thinks he can treat me like crap and not acknowledge anything important to me, I'm done with his toxic behavior. He's still in shock that I have the guts to do it. He wanted to continue to be married, but I showed him a list I made of why I needed to leave and why I should stay, and the 'should stay' list was completely blank. He couldn't even argue because it was all true on reasons I should leave. I am not too old to start a new chapter in my life and enjoy what time I have left."


7. "Lack of sleep. All-nighters were once manageable. Now I pull an all-nighter, and I am useless."

a person looking tired with their cup of coffee

8. "Caring for people who don't care about me."


9. "Sitting on the floor."

a father playing with his child

10. "New slang."


"Someone said 'no cap,' and I had no idea what that meant.  I'm 35. I understand it now — but it is beyond stupid. Who comes up with this?"


11. "Waiting in line."

waiting in line for a disney ride

12. "This heat. I remember when I used to want to lay out, do beach activities, and swim. Now, I’m dreading having to go out in the sun and want to be locked away in my air-conditioned home."


13. "Camping on the ground."

camping on the ground

14. "Going places without a bathroom nearby. Not necessarily 'too old,' more like 'too IBS.'"


15. "Skinny jeans."

a person wearing skinny jeans

16. "Work."


"I used to be very enthusiastic. I have moved up, sideways, and down in a different field to move up again. Now at 40, I just want to cook, exercise, talk to my friends, play some video games, watch television, and sleep well. I can’t believe what we do to ourselves. I was always a strong believer in capitalism, but that’s changing, too."


17. "Not being comfortable. I'm done with that. Give me a pillow and some legroom. A bench in the shower and a fluffy towel. Give me space to breathe and live. Give me quality over quantity and I gladly pay extra for an upgrade."

an airplane full of people

Is there something you simply no longer want to deal with as you've gotten older? If so, tell us what it is in the comments below: