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People Who Live With Their Partners, Tell Us How You Split Chores And If You Think It's Fair

Tell us your ways.

While it can be romantic and fun to live with the person you love, romance can go out the door the minute arguments over chores or tedious household tasks come into play.

And since spring cleaning is going to be on everyone's minds, we want to know exactly how you and your partner decided to split household chores, if you think it's fair, what you would change, and/or why you think your systems work.

For instance, do you and your partner have designated jobs that you both complete every week (i.e. they take out the garbage while you do the dishes?)

Or maybe you and your partner have a chore chart but still have issues with who does what in the house, so you try to communicate about chores. Still, it often ends in an argument because your partner (or you) gets defensive about the matter.

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable woman checking off boxes on her to-do list

Lastly, perhaps you and your partner split chores after talking about it during couples therapy where you finally got on the same page about things. Now you have rules and systems in place that help keep things even between the both of you.

Laughing young couple sweeping their living room floor and cleaning their kitchen while doing housework together

We also want to know if either you have jobs, kids, pets, etc., and how you wish the chores were split if you don't like how the tasks are divided now.

a dad showing his daughter a chore chart

Whatever the situation may be, please share with us how you and your partner currently split chores at home and if that system works for you (or not) below or in the Google form here.