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If You're A Woman Who's Traveled By Yourself, Tell Us About Your Favorite Destination

Whether it's Iceland, Colorado, or Japan, we want to know why this destination is perfect for female solo travel.

Traveling by yourself can feel scary and exciting at the same time, especially if you're a woman.

Person smiling with closed eyes, hands in coat pockets, Big Ben and red double-decker bus in background

So I'm curious: If you identify as a woman and have traveled somewhere by yourself, what is the best destination you traveled solo and why?

For instance, did you take a solo trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, and were pleasantly surprised by the coffee scene, which made you feel close to the community?

Woman standing facing historic colorful buildings and a docked boat

Or perhaps you visited Washington, D.C., and never felt bored while exploring all the museums it has to offer.

Finally, maybe you loved going to Japan by yourself because you felt incredibly safe, even though you were in a huge city like Tokyo.

Woman in denim jacket standing on a city street with signs and a bicycle in the background

Also, do you recommend any tips or tricks if another woman decides to travel to these places by herself, too? For instance, maybe you'd recommend staying in a very specific hotel in Washington, D.C., because of their top-notch security. Or perhaps you'd suggest not exploring a certain part of Tokyo.

Woman in a sleeveless top and skirt sitting on a beach with a crowded background

If the above resonates with you and if you identify as a woman, please share the destination you loved visiting as a solo traveler and why. Plus, the tips or tricks you would recommend for this place in the Google Form or comments below to possibly be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.