"A Parent Said I Was A Whore Because I Had This On My Wrist": Frustrated Teachers Are Revealing The Wildest Thing A Parent Has Said Directly To Their Face

    "I really think she thought I would take this just because she cosigned the lie."

    If you or someone you know works as a teacher, you may be fully aware of the few times they have to interact with entitled parents. So we asked teachers of the BuzzFeed Community: "What is the rudest or wildest thing a parent has ever said to you?" and some of the stories will make your jaw drop. Here's what they had to say below.

    Family with child meeting a financial advisor in an office

    1. "A parent from another kindergarten class was waiting outside the school when I took my own class out for pickup. Her child's class wasn't out yet, but I recognized her enough to know she was 'So and So's' mom, so I smiled politely and greeted her as I walked past with my students. She met my eye, very obviously looked me up and down, scoffed, and said, 'Wow, I guess they don't have a dress code here, do they?' I am still baffled by the whole thing; it was just so rude, as well as completely out of the blue."

    —Anonymous, 36, Canada

    2. "'Why aren't you doing my son's homework for him? He shouldn't bring anything home to work on — you should complete it for him at school. He needs free time in the evenings to unwind and play video games.' Yup, they expected me to complete his homework for him SO he could play games and chill."

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    3. "A parent was angry that I’d taken a photo of her son to glue onto his baggy portfolio for easy identification. At our meeting with the principal, she said, 'I want to rip your arms off and beat you to death with them.' The student was moved to another teacher."

    —Mrs. Baker, 63, South Carolina

    4. "The mother of a 7th-grade student told me she didn’t like me because I looked like her ex-husband’s new wife, and her daughter 'doesn’t need another mother.'"

    Two women and a young girl in casual attire sit at a table during what appears to be a consultation or interview

    5. "Parent: 'I will deal with my son’s disrespect when he gets home, but first, let’s talk about your disrespect. You gave my child an ultimatum? You told my son that in order to pass your class, he had to complete work. How dare you!' Her son was in 11th grade Honors US History. I had him removed, and he had to take a non-honors course. I still wonder what she thought about him having to complete his assignments in that class as well."

    —Anonymous, 42, Pennsylvania

    6. "I once taught private music lessons to a child whose mother was a total nightmare. She would send me texts at night or later ASK to change her child’s lesson time or ask for a make-up lesson, but she would throw a fit if I ever asked her to come in a bit early to accomodate my own schedule. When I missed a lesson due to a death in the family, she asked, 'Was it someone close'?"

    Young student playing flute in music class with chalkboard notation in background

    7. "One parent confidently told me that I was the 'worst teacher in the district' because I 'clearly was not educated enough to see what a well-written research paper' her son wrote. I responded that it was, in fact, a great paper, except it was completely plagiarized from a professor at an esteemed university. The best part was that even after I responded with that, along with the link to the original, she STILL continued to combat my decision not to accept her child's paper because 'I watched him work very hard on it.' The level of delusion was honestly sad. I really think she thought I would take the work just because she cosigned the lie."

    —Kim, 33, Chicago

    8. "I needed to remove a cheerleader from the cheer team for excessive bullying (she literally dragged another girl by her hair in the hallway and made fun of someone’s autistic brother). Her mom requested a meeting with me, the principal, and the head of cheer for the district. In the meeting, she told me I didn’t do enough to teach her daughter about the dangers of social media; I’m a fat-shamer and a racist. When asked for evidence of any of these accusations, she refused to provide any. She also made up a story that I yelled at her daughter in front of the entire cheer squad. I asked her for the date and time this happened, pulled up the camera footage, and you could clearly see me having a calm side chat with her daughter in the hallway. Some people just hate to be held accountable for their actions."

    Cheerleaders holding gold and black pom-poms, focusing on team spirit at a work event

    9. "When my husband was in treatment for cancer, I was absent every three weeks on a Tuesday when he had chemo and then sometimes, the next day, for his Neulasta shot if I needed to take him (I usually did). About the fifth or sixth chemo treatment, there was a parent conference later that week with a parent whose child was failing five of seven classes. When it came to my class, she blamed me because she said I seem to be out regularly every few weeks, and that’s why her son can’t keep up, and perhaps I should be explaining what my absences are for. Luckily, my admin stood up for me (not always the norm for teachers). The kid apologized later, and I told him not to worry about it; I don’t blame him at all, and it’s OK. My husband is now considered cured, 12 years out from that journey."

    –Cathy, 62, Florida

    10. "I teach high school foreign language in the Midwest, and I have a rather unique hairstyle, but it suits me! About ten years ago, the week before school started, the angry mother of a young man I'd had in class (she was angry because he failed his final exam, and that was, of course, my fault) posted my yearbook picture on her Facebook page and made some remark like what's the deal with this hair and the school needed to hand out hairbrushes. Keep in mind the student had been out of my class for years at this point. She did not get a lot of likes for her comments, and an aunt of mine who lives in a neighboring state was shocked that an ADULT would make such a post! While I'm not the most popular teacher in my building, I'm well-liked and am about to finish up year 33!"

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    11. "A mother told me I was 'medically and psychologically abusing her child' because I expected a 13-year-old to sit down and be quiet. Never mind that she wasn’t tracking that he wasn’t taking his ADHD meds because his ADHD diagnosis should excuse any and all behaviors. This mother told me that I lacked any and all understanding and compassion for the neurodivergent community. Reader, I have ADHD. That was a fun meeting."

    —Anonymous, 37, Kansas

    12. "I teach art at a STEM school, and during parent-teacher conferences, very few parents sign up to talk to me, which is fine with me. However, during the last 10 minutes or so, I always get at least one parent telling me that they didn't sign up for time with me because they 'needed to talk to the important teachers first.' They then want to talk about their kid as I'm ready to walk out the door."

    Three artists focus intently on painting at easels in an art studio

    13. "Born and raised in NYC for most of my life, I moved my family to Georgia. I've been in education for almost 30 years, and a few years back, after meeting with a parent for about half an hour, I guess she thought she'd end the meeting with a 'compliment' and said that she thought my English was pretty good. I responded with a smirk and said, 'Thank you, however, my first language is English, but perhaps you hear a bit of Brooklyn coming through.' She got quiet and then left."

    —Anonymous, 57, Georgia

    14. "There are too many rude comments to count, but one recent example really irked me. On the first day of school, after running a station in our school-wide 'culture walk' orientation, helping some of my students settle into their homeroom, and running the kindergarten 'Boo Hoo' breakfast, I was sitting on the bench on the playground organizing some paperwork and watching my own daughter play at recess with her new kindergarten class. It was my prep hour when my students were with other teachers, and I could manage my time as needed (hence the paperwork I was going through). A parent walked up to introduce herself and asked me who I was."

    Young child in car seat wearing headphones, looking out window, possibly during a commute

    15. "Upon finding out that I was unmarried and didn't have any children, she whispered in a shocked and sympathetic voice, 'Ohhh, so you don't have a family?' Sure, I guess I'm all alone (if you don't count my parents, siblings, four nieces and nephews, cousins, and three living grandparents). All alone."

    —Anonymous, 32, Texas

    16. "I had a parent call and say I was a bad influence and a whore because I had a little tattoo on my wrist. She also had the nerve to contact the school district and ask them why they hired a retired gang member."

    small geometric tattoo on a woman's wrist

    17. "'I pay your salary, so I am like your boss.' This parent thinks because they pay taxes, they are my boss, and I should be available for them at a moment's notice."

    —Anonymous, 38, Chicago

    Teachers, has an entitled parent ever said something completely rude or wild to you? If you feel comfortable, share what happened in the comments below.