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Were You Ever Laid Off From A Job In The Worst Way Possible? If So, We Want To Know What Went Down

There are *much* better ways to let go of staff than by laying them off via email...

Given the recent news of major tech companies laying off their staff (i.e. Facebook and Twitter), the Internet has been buzzing about toxic work cultures and how they choose to lay off their staff in the most awful and thoughtless ways possible.

a person holding a box being let go from their job

And since this can be a common practice more often than not, we want to know: Have you ever been laid off in a very problematic way?

For instance, just like Twitter, were you suddenly laid off via email from a job you were at for years?

a person typing on a computer

Or maybe you just got a promotion a few weeks prior but were informed (over the weekend) that you were being let go because the "accounting" department miscounted the budget and they needed to make cuts ASAP.

Or finally, maybe you were a waiter at a restaurant and an incredibly rude customer threw water in your face after being told that you couldn't take off a discount because it expired and the manager fired you after the customer complained, even though you were just doing your job.

a waiter holding burger and fries

And if you were let go in a very problematic way, how did you feel in the moment and what did you do afterward? Did you try to complain to HR, report the company, just find a new job, etc?

Whatever may have happened, we want to know the most problematic way you were let go, why, and how you felt in the moment. However, if you prefer to be anonymous, you can fill out this Google form here instead.

Some of the responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.