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    "It's Strange When You Truly Think About It": People Are Sharing The Weirdest Things That Society Accepts As Normal, And No Lies Were Detected

    "As a non-American, I am amazed at this."

    In every society, there are some things that just make you scratch your head in disbelief even though they're considered "normal" to do.

    Jenny Slate saying "Money, please"

    And, apparently, other people (not just Americans) feel the same way. So when Reddit user u/MEMELORD_JESUS asked the r/AskReddit community, "What’s the weirdest thing society accepts as normal?" a lot of people had opinions on the matter.

    The answers range from completely serious to absolutely hilarious, so we gathered some of the best points below.

    1. "That dead people need pillows in caskets."

    a casket with a pile of roses on top

    2. "Working until you're old, greying, and broken — and then using whatever time you have left for all the things you wish you could have done when you were younger."


    3. "The crack in bathroom stalls."


    4. "People having kids and trying to vicariously live their lives through them (aka forcing the kids to do things that the parents never got to do, even when the kids show no inclination or have an active dislike for those things.)"


    5. "Clapping to show approval or happiness. Clapping is weird. Just slapping your hands together."


    6. "Tipping culture in the US. Everyone thinks that it's totally OK for employers not to pay the employees, and the customers are expected to pay extra to pay the employees wages. I don't understand it."


    7. "The fact that it's common/accepted to cheat on your marriage if you have a lot of money."


    8. "Circumcision. Literally removing part of your genitalia is just deemed perfectly normal. It's beyond wild to me."


    9. "For me, it's expecting kids to ask for permission before they go to the bathroom. Like, what the hell?"


    10. "The lack of respect for retail staff. People get mad because they’re out of something, like it’s their fault. They tell them they don’t deserve to be paid better, but then bitch and moan when they stand around on their phones doing nothing."


    11. "The entire time frame that we've made up: eight-hour workdays, five days a week."


    12. "As a non-American, I am amazed at their credit score system. As a third-world citizen, credit cards are usually for rich (and slightly less rich) people who have more disposable money than the rest of us and could pay off their debt. The way I see people talk about it is strange and somewhat scary. Everyone should have a card of their own as soon as they become an adult. You should always buy things with it and pay it back to actively build your score. You're basically doomed if you don't have a good score, and living your life peacefully without a card is not an option. Lastly, you'll be seen as an idiot if you know nothing about it."

    13. "To discourage men from showing any emotions in public because it will make them look weak."


    14. "I always thought ties are weird. It’s an elongated pentagon shaped cloth we wear in front of our chest when we want to look fancy. Don’t get me wrong, I have like 20 ties, but one day, I had a shower thought about how stupid they are."

    a man in a tie sitting at his laptop

    15. "Rich people being basically above the law."


    16. "Alcohol is so normalized but drugs are not. It's so weird. I say this as an alcohol-loving Belgian. Beer is half of our culture, and I'm proud of it, too, but like... that's weird, man."


    17. "Guessing how much you owe the IRS in taxes."


    18. "Soup. It's wet, but not a drink. It's food, but you can't eat it with a fork. What the...??"


    19. "In the US, for-profit healthcare that the patient is financially responsible for."


    20. "Sexualization of children, especially girls, in general. Dressing like a nun when company came over. Being catcalled by 6th grade. My brothers and dad walked around shirtless with boxers well past puberty. But I had to go put sweatpants over my shorts as a little kid because an uncle was coming over and had to be fully dressed by the time I left my bedroom. Boys wear sideless shirts, but girls get dress coded for too-thin straps."


    21. "Engagement rings. It's 2022 and society thinks men should spend a bunch of money on a ring to get married. Like, WTF?"


    a man on one knee proposing to a womnan

    22. "Separating infants and their mothers shortly after birth so the mother can 'work.'"


    23. "Sex offenders getting shorter sentences than marijuana charges."


    24. "We are the only animal that wears clothes. It's rather strange when you truly think about it."


    25. "'Feel-good' news stories about how a kid makes a lemonade stand or something to pay for her mom's cancer treatment because no one can afford healthcare in America."


    26. "It’s a sign of respect to fill your corpse with chemicals and shit and charge ungodly amounts of money for a casket."


    27. "War and people profiting from war. When death and destruction are profitable, it’s a sign that something is sick in the society."


    28. "Hitting or beating your child. It's kinda barbaric if you ask me."


    29. "Women shaving. I get shaving your legs to wear tights is kind of necessary. And I get trimming body hair to make it look nicer, which isn't any different than having a haircut really. But people think it's abnormal if women don't have shaved legs and underarms and genitals. I just don't understand why making yourself look prepubescent is the default."


    30. "Having smart phones in our faces all day. This shit isn't normal, but I'm going to do it anyway. It's just not normal."


    31. "Politicians blatantly lying to the people. We accept it so readily, it's as though it's supposed to be that way."


    32. "Taking way more than we need. From everyone and everything."


    33. "College. We can’t trust kids to buy beer but we expect them to understand every facet of the outrageous debt they’re taking on? Traditional college kids are exactly that, kids."


    34. "Children who are not mentally or financially responsible for themselves — yet they're having children themselves."


    35. "Being on camera or recorded any time you are in public."


    36. "Bras."


    Is there anything about the society you live in that is just "weird"? What don't you like about it? Tell us in the comments below.