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"If I Hear Another Person Use It As An Excuse For A Character Trait, I'll Lose It": 19 Specific Things People Are Quick To Turn Into Their Entire Personality

"Lots of New Yorkers are guilty of it too. But it’s not just them. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, DC — all guilty too."

Sometimes, without us realizing it, we can make one particular subject or thing our whole personality. For instance, maybe you know someone who's a little too obsessed with work or the company they work for. Or maybe you, yourself, live and breathe a certain fantasy film or TV show or band.

While there are a million reasons why someone may turn a certain subject into their whole personality — heck, I'm guilty of this too! — it's a good thing to remember to make light of a situation rather than be annoyed by people (because the world is just a little too hard right now).

So since Reddit user u/standardgenre45 asked the Reddit community: "What’s something that people turn into their whole personality?" I thought it would be helpful to poll exactly who else experiences these kinds of "obsessions" — because truthfully, we're all a little obsessed over one thing or another.

So after you read the subject matter, let us know if you, or someone you know, has any one of these personality types below.

1. "Being a sports fan."

2. "Their job."

3. "Harry Potter. I’m sick of pretending that a 45-year-old woman running around saying she’s a fucking Hufflepuff is normal."

4. "Politicians they follow."

5. "Here in the Netherlands, people who live in Amsterdam base their personality on Amsterdam."

6. "The generation they're born in."

7. "Harley Davidson."

8. "Crypto."

9. "You ever seen a police officer's wife? It's wild, but they turn their entire existence into being a police spouse. It's very odd. I have two neighbors that are police — the younger the wife, the more intense the alternate reality they create for themselves. The husbands never mention their profession, but the wives can't shut up about it and try and prove how much they know about local law enforcement."

10. "Being overworked and barely sleeping."

11. "Loving Disney."

12. "Hair color. If I hear my coworker talk about how ‘natural redheads’ are or how you shouldn’t mess with them and use it as an excuse for a shitty character trait, I’m gonna lose it."

13. "Pickup trucks. There are people who happen to own pickup trucks, and then there are people whose pickup truck owns them. We all know the type: flood lights, mudding tires, grill racks, spotless paint with a wax — and optionally — a diesel stack coming out of the bed, truck muts, and a snorkel."

14. "Smoking weed."

15. "Sex. I don't even mean sexuality; I mean the guys who stalk this sub and ask 11 NSFW questions a day about 'Hey ladies, what do men get wrong about your bods' and 'Ladies, what's your sexiest sexual experience where sex was had and it was sexy?' Lust controls some of these people, man. They gotta go outside."

16. "CrossFit."

17. "Their own perceived persecution/victimization. 'Being suppressed and personally attacked is who I am.'"

18. "Driving a Tesla."