14 Questions Men Say They're "Too Afraid" To Ask Women IRL — Answered In Detail By Women On The Internet

    "Do you actually like it when a man approaches you with the intention of asking you on a date?"

    It's completely natural for people to be curious about the opposite sex. So when Reddit user u/Asking35 asked: "Men, what is something about women you are curious about but too afraid to ask?" — women were quick to answer questions about everything from relationships to sex to even home decor choices. Here's what they said:

    two friends taking pictures together

    1. "Do you actually like it when a man approaches you with the intention of asking you on a date? I don't mean catcalling and that sort of weird shit, just being genuine and straightforward."

    a couple drinking coffee together

    2. "What’s with all the pillows?"

    a bed and bedside table

    3. "Do y'all change pads when it's full, half, or even a tiny bit? That has to be uncomfortable, like wearing wet diapers."

    a row of pads

    4. "Do y'all ever wear heels just to hear the clip-clopping of them on the pavement like you're the main character in a movie? Because that's what I'd do if I wore heels, and I want to know if there's a woman out there whose brain is on my wavelength or if this is just me."

    heels with stockings

    5. "Why do you steal my food?"

    a couple eating food together

    6. "Why can some women get vaginal orgasms and others cant?"

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    7. "Asking as a guy from a country where men are given little to no education about women's health and vice-versa. How can I help someone who's having a really bad time during their period?"

    a woman on her period sitting on the couch

    8. "How much pleasure do you get from going down on a man?"

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    9. "How can I present myself so that a woman would feel more comfortable approaching me? I don’t want to bother anyone by initiating a conversation, but I do want to seem approachable when I’m out doing things solo. I’ve been told I appear intimidating and aloof, but I’m super friendly if anyone talks to me."

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    10. "What does sex feel like for you and physically, what is the best part?"

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    11. "Do you admire a guy after he chooses to be vulnerable and bare it all in front of you?"

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    12. "What do women check out on men?"

    woman flirting with a man

    13. "Does butt stuff actually feel good or are you pretending to enjoy it for our sakes?"

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    14. "What's wrong?"

    a couple arguing

    Men, are there certain questions you want to ask women? If so, share them below: