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Women, If You've Ever Found Yourself In A Deep Personal Rut, We Want To Know How You Got Out Of It

We want to know what helped you the most.

Have you ever gone through an incredibly difficult situation in life that left you feeling like you were in a personal rut?

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If you have gone through something similar, we would love to know what that part of your life was like — and what you did to get out of it.

Perhaps you went through a tough situation with a toxic family member that you lived with. There wasn't an immediate way to distance yourself, but you at least found alternative ways to deal with the situation.

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Or maybe it was incredibly difficult to improve certain aspects of your life — because you didn't have a college degree or felt trapped in a co-dependent relationship — but you found support through a free learning community, you found the strength to leave the relationship, or you got yourself a second job to help save money and fund next steps.

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Or finally, maybe you felt like you were in a rut for years because you simply didn't know what to do with your life and therapy wasn't accessible, but you found something — whether it was: volunteering, making small everyday changes, or simply getting away from "perfectionism" — that helped you to better understand yourself and your needs.

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Whatever the story may be, we want to know what happened during this time in your life and how you got out of this rut. Share your story in the comments below — or via this Google form.

Some of the responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.