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Has A Friend Ever Ghosted You — And Did You Eventually Confront Them About It? We Want To Know What Happened

Getting ghosted sucks — but reaching out to find out why takes a lot of courage.

Have you ever been ghosted by a friend (aka: someone suddenly ending a friendship or relationship with no explanation) and had no idea why it happened?

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And since you had no clue why they stopped returning your calls, you may have felt confused, hurt, and maybe even abandoned — which is completely normal, BTW.

While these feelings can make some people retreat to their own corner, some others may decide to reach out to their friend who ghosted them to find out exactly why they did this. If the latter is true for you, we would love to know: what exactly happened when you reached to a friend who ghosted you — and how did they respond?

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Maybe when you asked your bestie why they stopped returning your phone calls, they explained that they needed space because you said something that hurt them and they needed time to process — and soon after, everything went back to normal.

Or perhaps when you decided to reach out to an ex-co-worker to find out what happened, they became defensive and told you absolutely nothing was wrong, but continued to not talk to you.

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Finally, maybe it was months after a newer friend stopped talking to you, and when you reached out to reconnect, they were upfront and honest by explaining that another friend told them something about you that they didn't like and preferred to stop talking with you altogether.

After confronting your friend, how did you feel about the outcome? Did it change anything about your friendship with this person or how you approached relationships moving forward?

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On another note, what was the catalyst for you reaching out to your friend who ghosted? And would you have done something differently after the fact? (i.e. not reach out, approached the conversation differently, etc.)

Also, if someone is thinking of reaching out to a friend who ghosted, is there something you wish for them to know before they do based on your own experience? 

If you have reached out to a friend who ghosted, tell us below why you decided to do it, what happened when you did, and how you felt after the fact. If you prefer to be anonymous, you can fill out this Google form here.

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