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Tell Us Your Best Sleeping Hack That Actually Makes A Difference

We want to know what's worked for you.

While some people have the ability to sleep throughout the night, others tend to have trouble keeping their minds quiet to get some shut-eye.

And if you're one of the people who fall into the latter, you may have discovered a few tips or tricks to help you get some much-needed Zzz's. And if that's the case, we want to know your best sleeping hack that actually made you fall and stay asleep.

For instance, maybe you thought melatonin was the key to a good night's rest, but you ACTUALLY realized it was incorporating a specific kind of tea into your nighttime routine.

Or maybe, your grandma or mom taught you this one trick that you were really skeptical about, but when you tried it, it actually worked and now you can't live without it.

Or finally, maybe you realized that looking at your phone actually does help you go to sleep — but you have to use it in a very specific way.

Whatever the hack, tip, or trick is, tell us below what was the absolute best thing to help you finally get a full night's rest. However, if you prefer to stay anonymous, feel free to fill out this Google form here.