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These "Life Hacks" Will Simplify Your Life In The Best Way Possible, And I'm Copying Every Single One

"I've saved so much money this way."

Since life can be a little rough sometimes, it's never a bad idea to find a few "short cuts" to help streamline everyday tasks and make life a little easier.

So when Twitter user @amandadeibert asked, "What is your BEST life hack?" people provided some profound answers that will make you say, "Why didn't I think of that?"


1. For instance, if you're tired of sorting socks, you're going to love this hack:

@amandadeibert Declare sock bankruptcy. Throw all your socks out and only buy one type of sock. No need to sort when putting them away. Create a filter in your inbox for the word "unsubscribe." it'll clear up your inbox and make them easy to mass delete.

Twitter: @wtflanksteak

2. Or this little design tip that's on your car's dashboard:

@amandadeibert The arrow next to the pump icon indicates which side of the car you put the gas…

Twitter: @jwmdebacker

3. You don't have to have a green thumb to grow this food:

@amandadeibert Scallions/green onions regrow in 3-4 days if you just place the rooted stumps in a cup of water. You can get 3+ batches out of each bundle you buy.

Twitter: @CoffeePGB

4. Your cat's bathroom situation just. Got. Better:

@amandadeibert For cat owners: Wood pellets instead of cat litter. Around $7 for 40 lb bags. The pellets dissolve into sawdust after getting wet. There is no odor. Clean up is easy. I've saved so much money this way. It works 100%.

Twitter: @dead_anchoress

5. Parents, rejoice! The BEST way to put sunscreen on kids:

@amandadeibert Use a make up sponge to put sun screen on kids faces. You’re welcome!

Twitter: @mae6489

6. You can thank your lucky "star" for this elevator trick:

@amandadeibert When you're on an elevator, the floor with the star next to it is the one that leads outside.

Twitter: @BetsyHodges

7. This hack made unrolling aluminum foil way easier:

@amandadeibert Every box of foil has these handy roll-locks:

Twitter: @priusjames

8. A romantic self-love tip? We love to read it:

@amandadeibert Take yourself on date once a month. A nice restaurant, bookstore, a movie, a walk...etc.... Self-care is good for you, and all of your loved ones benefit. Happiness is an inside job🤗😉

Twitter: @68sugarmomma

9. This hack is perfect for those scary-yet-important-to-send work emails.

@amandadeibert Also, proofread your own writing sentence by sentence backwards. That way your brain doesn’t infer what you actually meant to write and you’re more likely to catch your errors!

Twitter: @lovelypenguins

10. Valid life advice that everyone can benefit from:

@amandadeibert If you hate everyone, eat a snack. If you think everyone hates you, take a nap

Twitter: @1LauraHammond

11. The best mindful hack we've ever read:

@amandadeibert Pause. Just pause. If you get lost in a sentence, a speech. If life feels like it's moving so fast you'll trip over your own legs? Pause. Say the word "Pause" out loud if you need to, but Pause. *got this from my speech prof. & friend, Carolyn Gardner Buttram. Miss her every day.

Twitter: @tessrants

12. Your feet will thank you for this genius idea:

@amandadeibert When you are at the pool/beach, and you’re going into the water… flip your sandals/flip-flops upside down so the sun heats the BOTTOM of your kicks as opposed to the top so you don’t burn your feet when you come out.

Twitter: @EricRogersHere

13. What an egg-cellent life trick:

@amandadeibert Don’t wait for your hard boiled eggs to cool completely after boiling. Put them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator while still warm. The moisture in the bag makes them much easier to peel.

Twitter: @paukenspieler79

14. Who needs a seamstress with this sewing trick?

@amandadeibert To sew a button, scotch tape the button down to the fabric, sew through the scotch tape and then tear it away. This way the button stays where you want it and there is much less swearing.

Twitter: @PeopleAdjacent

15. The simplest meal prep idea you will actually have time for:

@amandadeibert Mason jar salads. Salad dressing on bottom, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes next so they marinate a bit. Top with lettuce or spinach so they don’t get soggy. You can make them ahead of time for the week.

Twitter: @jetjulia

16. Save your money with this traveling hack:

@amandadeibert When staying at an decent hotel instead of spending money on water or paying the ridiculous markup for water in the room just bring a reusable water container like a hydro flask and go to the fitness center most of them will have a filter water machine or bottled water thats free

Twitter: @SPORTSMAN177

17. Tired of fighting with a bedsheet? This idea may do the trick:

@amandadeibert Learned this one this year. The tag on a fitted sheet goes bottom left. So instead of trying to figure out long and short side, and always get it wrong and have to rotate sheet….just look for tag and put it bottom left. Thinking about it, I guess top right would work also😳🤷🏼‍♀️🤣

Twitter: @hokie_w92

18. This hack will not only help you but the grocery store employee, too:

@amandadeibert At the grocer store, park close to the grocery cart corral rather than the entrance. Unload your groceries into car, quick push of the cart into corral and you’re on your way.

Twitter: @PhaySaya

19. No offense, friends — but sometimes it's easier to plan a get-together with one person rather than every person in the group:

@amandadeibert When your ultimate goal is to plan a group event with 3+ people: Lock in a specific time/place with one of your more reliable friends first. Then extend an invite to others. "Carol and I are meeting at Camden park at 3pm. Want to join us?"

Twitter: @naancompliance

20. Another parenting hack that will blow your mind:

@amandadeibert If you are on a road trip with young kids…and they have to use the bathroom…stop at a hotel rather than a gas station, restaurant, etc. You can park right at the (often covered) front door of the hotel and use the lobby bathrooms which are usually empty and almost always clean.

Twitter: @mikewill74

21. No more "accidentally" sending emails to your boss or co-workers:

@amandadeibert I know this has been said before, but write the email THEN add the recipients.

Twitter: @FLinmyheart1

22. This is the most thoughtful friendship hack we've read lately:

@amandadeibert When I meet someone I want to remember, I add them to my phone as a contact (even if I don’t get a phone number - yet) and add notes in the Notes section to capture anything I want to remember (kids/spouse/pet names, birthdays, key convo point). They always appreciate I listened.

Twitter: @joehdavilajr

23. And finally, this tried-and-true money and relationship advice:

@amandadeibert Never lend any amount of money you can’t afford to be a gift.

Twitter: @dwcloudcutter

What is the best life hack you have ever learned? Tell us in the comments below.