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10 Ways To Win CSI's! (Community Safety Inspections)

CSI's are coming up. Get ready and get informed! Here are things that are not permitted, and some suggestions for replacements!

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1. Candles

​Nothing sets a scene like candles. Color, scent, shape and the dancing flame all combine to create any mood the user desires. But there are potential downsides, including soot buildup on low ceilings and a risk of fire from any flame left unattended or placed outdoors. Most importantly, it is a policy violation!

2. Alternative...DIFFUSERS or OILS!

​For those who want to be enjoy the warm light of a candle flickering in the window, scent a room, or decorate a walkway without creating a fire hazard, there are four excellent flame-free alternatives to using real candles.

7. Paraphernalia if under 21

No shot glasses or flasks allowed for those under 21. NOTE: No empty alcohol bottles for anyone, regardless of age! Also, those of age are allowed no more than (1) 12-pack of beer, or (2) standard bottles of wine or (1) 1-liter bottle of liquor at any given time), which should be recycled as soon as they are consumed.

9. Window Stoppers

The fine for removing or damaging window stoppers in $100! That is so much! There are so many other things that are more awesome to use $100 with than a fine...for example $100 worth of hair ties!?

11. Smoke/Paraphernalia

Absolutely NO DRUGS and PARAPHERNALIA are permitted in CG or 110. Paraphernalia pertains to any equipment, product, accessory, or material that is modified for making, using, or concealing drugs.

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