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10 Things To Remember About Spring Closing

Some important notes for spring move out!

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1. Attend your mandatory closing meetings!

110: May 1st, from 7:30-8:30 pm in the lobby.

CG: May 2nd, from 8-9 pm in the 10th floor lounge.

We will be providing you with crucial move out information, please make sure to attend. We will be taking attendance at these meetings.

5. The Perks of Moving Out EARLY

We highly recommend residents move out sooner than later. It's easier to find parking (give your parents/family a break!), you don't have to wait for carts (carts galore!). and the elevators are more readily available!

6. Perks continued!

But that's not all! Moving out early also means less traffic in the hallways and no risk of check out fines (recall the $100 fine the minute you're past the check out time--yikes!). Lastly the LAST person to leave has the most clean-up to do!

9. Clean!

One really important part of moving out includes taking all of your belongings! Please remove everything off the walls including tacks, tape, etc. Make sure your space is clean (try vacuum or sweep if necessary), take out your trash and please take any personal furniture.

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