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10 Creative Study Breaks

During this final season try this creative study breaks to energize, relax and succeed!

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3. Timed work and breaks

Work for a timed 20 minutes, then break for a timed 5 minutes! Research has shown this increases productivity and concentration, as well as lets you get a stretch in every 20 minutes :).

4. Stop into Well Woman

Peer Educator Office Hours are Sun, Tues (People of Color only), Wed, + Thur at 7-9pm

Drop by to meet a peer ed, ask a question, check out our wellness library, use a massage chair, and just relax in our comfy space!

6. Join your friends for a meal at the dining hall

We all have to eat, so why not do it together? Get in touch with some friends and coordinate so you all can catch up and eat together at the dining hall between studying.

7. Explore Neighborhood Cafes

Need a hot chocolate or some tea to relax? Stop by a neighborhood cafe to take mental break and enjoy some warmth during these cold the months. Some really great places include that Earth, Oren's, Silvana's and the infamous Starbucks locations (110th & 114th)

8. Netflix Binge, Anyone?

Catch up on some of your favorite shows in between study sessions. If you limit yourself to one episode or half of an episode every 1, then you can use this as motivation for pushing your way through rigorous study sessions.

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