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Which Member Of ΦΩΩ 104 Are You?

Jazzy, Rash, or Lenny who are you?

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  1. Where do you frequent most on campus?

    Silent floor of club lib
    Marketplace surrounded by ~sisters~
    Campus? People actually hang out there?
  2. How do you make that cash money

    Babysitting, I love mentoring the youth
    Cupcakes. Cupcakes. Cupcakes
    Waitressing, but its more of a lifestyle
  3. You wake up from an evening of fun, what do you eat?

    Pizza from the night before
    Eat? You don't have time for that, you're too busy taking your hungover ass to work
    Probably something too healthy to cure a hangover
  4. Wanna go to the gym?

    I'm too busy studying
    No, but ill wear workout clothes
  5. Its a Friday afternoon, where are you?

    In bed
    at Happy hour
    binge watching something on Netflix
  6. Study abroad

    hated it.
    liked it.
  7. What is your hometown like?

    Middle of nowhere
    Small town girl
    right outside the city, but don't confuse my hometown for the entire state
  8. What are you watching right now?

    TV? Whats that????
    Parks & Rec
    Pretty Little Liars
  9. You're about to get lit, whats in your hand

    Tequila and artificial lime juice

Which Member Of ΦΩΩ 104 Are You?

You got: Lenny

You have an internship and a job but still manage to wear sweatpants more than any AU athlete. Your favorite foods are mostly those consumed by elementary schoolers and cooking to you means heating up a frozen hot dog in the microwave. You're most likely to puke but you're also most likely to be down for drunk food.

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You got: Jazzy

You have a huge crush on Anthony Bourdain and its honestly a wonder you've never been a youtube makeup guru. You actually work out, most of the time, and have tried every health kick in the book. You're most likely to get a random guy to buy drinks for you and you have no shame with that.

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You got: Rash

Public Health is your passion and all your interests are fairly morbid but its okay because you talk so much because everyone stopped listening hours ago. You look sexy af in a red tie and you'll never let anyone forget it. You're most likely to aggressively profess your love to everyone and then fall asleep in your shoes.

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