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Want to Travel the Whole World Without Leaving Your Home? Here’s How Technology Makes This Possible

With all the wonderful places speckled around the whole globe, it’s a challenge for people to see all of them. Yes, they can spend time looking at images online, but it’s not the same as actually seeing what’s happening at a certain location, at the exact moment.

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This is how new technologies that can provide this experience gained ground. While some of them are yet to be presented to the public, we’re extremely close to reaching the desired level of connection to the world by building virtual bridges between the continents and the nations.

Are you interested in finding out more about these technology advancements and how they can be used? Then, you’re in the right place.

How These Technologies Work

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Mainly, these technologies aim at making every person’s dream of ubiquity come true. By giving the users access to every location, they are getting closer and closer to achieving this idea.

Moreover, the systems usually operate with the help of smartphones and apps. There are two sides – the user that wants to travel and the person hired to be their remote body that’ll guide them to the place they want to visit. In most cases, the users get a full picture and video of the real situation accompanied by sounds. Basically, this is like a live stream, only the ones offering it are paid accordingly to their service. That way, both sides are satisfied.

The market already has some examples of such technologies. For instance, software like blockchain UbiatarPlay, for one, provides an app through which people can interact and arrange all the details related to the travel and the desired place. Also, they can pay with tokens, coins or other online payment methods.

What People Get

For starters, the user, who is utilizing this tech, gets to experience a certain place from a whole new angle. They can be introduced to a culture firsthand, through the screens of their own smartphones and from the comfort of their home or office. This new technology of ubiquity is also a project that aims at improving the civilization as the people using it can get familiar with the “different” and the “unknown”, which may ultimately lead to them becoming better and more understanding individuals.

On the other hand, the people providing the service get a chance to be employed. With the unemployment rate still high all over the world, the individuals without a job will definitely cherish the idea of owning their own microbusiness – offering the physical presence on an attractive destination. And all of that is paid.

A Final Word

Getting buzz at tech fairs and events all across the planet will put this technology of ubiquity more and more into the public spotlight and the mainstream. It has been a humans’ wish since forever to see and experience as much as possible and that may just become reality. By connecting people and cultures, technology continues to impress everyone and make the world a place of unity.

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