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    12 Space-Saving Dorm Organization Essentials For College Students

    Only 100 sq. feet of living space? Not a problem at all :,)

    1. Maximize vertical space with a desk bookshelf.

    White desk with large white desktop riser bookshelf, holding books and other various objects; above a desk with laptop, alarm clock, and other items atop.

    2. A rolling utility cart is perfect for towing shower necessities if you share a bathroom with others.

    3. This power strip that doubles as a surge protector.

    4. Consider opting for a collapsible laundry bin.

    Gray mesh collapsible laundry bin product photo, half-full with clothing.

    5. Store nearly anything in these super cute pastel mini stacking storage bins.

    4 pastel-colored small plastic collapsible baskets.

    6. This 6-cube storage bin is perfect for under the bed storage or as a nightstand.

    Large white cube grid storage shelf system holding items

    7. When the weather starts getting cold, use vacuum bags to store away your summer wardrobe and save closet space.

    Hands tightly rolling a plastic storage bag; an indication of air being pushed out.

    8. When moving, use these Ikea-inspired ultra heavy-duty storage bags that will last you throughout all four years.

    4 images of extra large blue plastic duffle bags with handles and with zipper open holding clothing items.

    9. And if your school supply load is heavy, this Carhartt backpack boasts plenty of room AND it's water repellent.

    Gray Carhartt branded canvas backpack with several pockets.

    10. Command hooks are a dorm staple for anything; storing your backpack, drying your towel, hanging your keys, or displaying artwork. These decorative ones are cute & damage-free!

    2 Command brand dark colored decorative hooks in package.

    11. Maximize your wall space with a storage grid.

    Trendy wire grid wall functional decoration with 3 wire baskets; holding photographs and decorative plants.

    12. This acrylic makeup organizer will keep your clutter tidy and your roommates happy.

    Clear acrylic desktop makeup stand with drawers and detachable standing organizer atop.