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    19 Perfect "Aladdin" GIFs For Every Situation

    A whole new world of GIFs for you!

    1. When you try to cure that hangover.

    2. When you see your friends wearing Uggs or Crocs.

    3. When you're binge watching Netflix.

    4. When you're trying to find a good spot at the park on a sunny Sunday.

    5. When you receive your first paycheck.

    6. When you go on vacation after working for too long.

    7. When you tell a joke and no one thinks it's funny.

    8. When you realize you lost the file of an important school paper.

    9. When you're invited out to eat with your significant other's family.

    10. When you're trying to help your shy friend talk to his crush.

    11. When your best friend tells you he's dating and you realize you're now the only single one left in your group of friends.

    12. When you try to give your best friends advice.

    13. When you have a few more drinks than you should.

    14. When you're killing it on the dancefloor.

    15. When you discover your favorite TV Show is now on Netflix.

    16. When someone says you're fat and should not be eating carbs.

    17. When it's finally lunch time!

    18. When you and your best friend have a new secret handshake.

    19. When you're trying to pull a prank on your friend.