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    15 Lessons About Food That We Learned From Joey Tribbiani

    We all know and love Joey, a simple-minded but good-natured womanizer who loves food. He particularly loves meatball sub sandwiches. Who doesn't?

    1. First of all, embrace your body.

    2. Never regret.

    3. Keep it all to yourself.

    4. Always be prepared

    5. Never waste any food.

    6. Milk is good for you, so drink lots of it.

    7. You have to be healthy sometimes.

    8. But never forget your REAL love

    9. Friends ordering pizza without you is a huge betrayal

    10. Everything about food can be sexy.

    11. Treat your food nicely

    12. It's alright to be mad when you don't have candy

    13. Breakfast can be inspiring

    14. Be proud of your family's achievements

    15. Chopsticks are difficult

    Lesson learned! Now go on to the nearest restaurant and have a great time.