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    14 Series You Should Watch After Getting Dumped

    If you recently got dumped, this series will help you see how people get over it. Or simply, they'll make you laugh a little and see happiness again.

    1. Pretty Little Liars

    Why? Because Hannah just knows whats the best way to get through a bad break up.

    2. Sex And The City

    Why? Because Samantha Jones will teach you to always put yourself before men.

    3. New Girl

    Why? Because you're going to feel close to Jess' feelings and see how she can manage to keep up with her life after a 6 year relationship.

    4. How I Met Your Mother

    Why? Because Ted Mosby will make you realize you are not the only one with too many feelings.

    5. That 70's Show

    Why? Because Jackie Burkhart is a true example that you can move on.

    6. Hart Of Dixie

    Why? Because Zoey Hart will make you see that you can always have a fresh start in your life.

    7. Gossip Girl

    Why? Because Chuck Bass will make you realize that if something is meant to be, it'll happen one way or another.

    8. The O.C.

    Why? Because Seth Cohen can be a scared little chicken sometimes, but he's a true lover and will make believe in love again.

    9. The Big Bang Theory

    Why? Because now, like Penny, you're not the only one who hates valentine's day.

    10. Friends

    Why? Because Rachel Greene will make you realize that you're not the only one who makes bad decisions.

    11. Gilmore Girls

    Why? Because Lorelai will show you that everyone is a little over dramatic sometimes.

    12. Skins

    Why? Because Effy will show how to not give a fuck about love.

    13. The Office

    Why? Because Erin will show you the wonders of alcohool.

    14. The Vampire Diaries

    Why? Because of Damon Salvatore, that's why.


    ok, it's time to move on now.