10 Characters That Will Make You Realize There Are People Worse Than You

You know that awful feeling when everything seems to be going wrong with your life? When you feel like crap? These characters will show you there’s always someone worse than you.

1. 1. Rachel Greene

From: Friends

Why? Because everybody, even Rachel Greene, can hit rock bottom.

2. 2. Sid Jenkins

From: Skins

Why? Because he’s just too depressed.

3. 3. Luke Danes

From: Gilmore Girls

Why? Because sarcasm is all you got.

4. 4. Eric Forman

From: That 70’s show

Why? Because your father is Red Forman, that’s why.

5. 5. Michael Scott

From: The Office

Why? Because you’re dead inside.

6. 6. Ted Mosby

From: How I Met Your Mother

Why? Because he’s the king of bad decisions and it doesen’t matter what time it is.

7. 7. Phil Dunphy

From: Modern Family

Why? Because he has God and wife issues.

8. 8. Nick Miller

From: New girl

Why? Because he’s a man and can’t blame it on the PMS

9. 9. Marissa Cooper

From: The O.C.

Why? Because some people like you and her, just get lost along the way.

10. 10. Rae Earl

From: My Mad Fat Diary

Why? Because either her or you don’t need any reminders.

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