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Top 7 Best Food Hot Spots In Monmouth County

Monmouth County is known for some of the best food places out there! There are tons of unique and delicious foods and treats around that you'll have to give a try.

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7. La Rosa- Manalapan/Marlboro

Manalapan, La Rosa Grill / Via

La Rosa is known for the best chicken entrees in the area. And we can't forget about their sides of course, like the mac and cheese and corn muffins!

4. Federici's Family Restaurant- Freehold

Paolo S. / Via

Federici's is a family owned restaurant, and they make everyone feel at home! They serve awesome Italian dishes, and have the BEST thin crust pizza around.

3. Mixed Greens- Manalapan/Marlboro

MainStreetNJ / Via

Finding a good salad place could be difficult. Mixed Greens has so many options to choose from, along with creating your own salad or wraps! You could grab it to go, or take a seat.

2. MeeMom's- Long Branch

Imgrum @MEEMOMS / Via

Meemom's is a breakfast and lunch place that serves the most unique and delicious french toast! They have all different flavors such as smore's and churro french toast!

1. The Bagel Nook- Freehold

The Bagel Nook / Via

The Bagel Nook has been taking over the internet world-wide and it is right in the heart of Monmouth County! They serve all unique bagel combinations such as the Oreo overload bagel, which happens to be the most popular!

These are some of the best food hot spots in Monmouth County. If you haven't had the chance to try them, definitely do so! You won't be disappointed.

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