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7 Classes Every College Student Should Take, As Told By Will Ferrell

I just like to learn, learning's my favorite!

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1. A Foreign Language Class

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Let's face it, the world is becoming more connected than ever. Learning another language can open many doors for work and travel. So jump into a beginner's course or better yet, take advantage of a study abroad program to be fully immersed in a different culture.

2. A Comparative Politics Class

Again, we live in a globalized society. So to be a well versed global citizen knowing about other countries' governments is valuable. Learning about that gives insight into a nation's history, beliefs, and values.

4. An Economics Class

An introduction maco or micro economics theory course could help you finally understand buzz words thrown around in the media and politics. Why should you care? So you know when politicians are saying BS on the economy, jobs, taxes, and trade.

5. A Career Prep Class

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This may not be the most exciting stuff, but it'll prepare you for you know... the real world. Here you can learn how to write a killer resume and cover letter, network with potential employers, and slay a job interview.

6. A Programming Class

Think of coding as the language of computers. Even if you don't need this skill for your career, you could learn how to make a cool portfolio, blog or website. Goodbye standard Wordpress templates.

7. A Public Speaking Class

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No matter which industry you want to work in, you'll need strong interpersonal skills. From research presentations to proposals, being confident with speaking in front of a crowd can make the difference of the audience buying into your argument or not.

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