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17 Times Regular Food Wasn't Good Enough For Hipsters

I'll take a glass of filtered water. No, I'm sorry, I meant Instagram filters.

1. Normal water:

Hipster water:

Hipster tacos:

3. Normal avocado toast:

Hipster avocado toast:

4. Normal cucumbers:

Hipster cucumbers:

5. Normal granola breakfast:

Hipster granola breakfast:

6. Normal hamburger:

Hipster hamburger:

7. Normal egg:

Hipster egg:

8. Normal spaghetti:

Hipster spaghetti (or technically shredded zucchini, I guess):

9. Normal ice cream:

Hipster ice cream:

10. Normal potato chips:

Hipster potato chips:

11. Normal coffee:

Hipster coffee:

12. Normal mezcal:

Hipster mezcal:

13. Normal shrimp:

Hipster shrimp:

14. Normal pizza:

Hipster pizza (grasshopper pizza on blue corn dough. Yum!):

15. Normal cookies:

16. Normal ceviche:

Hipster ceviche:

17. Normal sandwich:

Hipster sandwich: