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21 People Who Need To Be Thrown In Prison For Eternity


1. Whoever designed this bathing suit:

2. The delivery person responsible for this disgrace:

3. This designer who is going to give millions of little kids nightmares for the rest of their lives:

4. The pasta packager who insists on ruining your fancy meal at the Italian restaurant:

5. And the person at the fortune cookie factory who just can't let you finish your meal in peace at the Chinese food restaurant:

6. Whoever put together this mosaic from hell:

7. This truly disturbed individual:

8. This cake terrorist:

9. Satan himself, who has taken on the form of a parking lot maintenance worker:

10. Or the devil himself, pictured here as a hapless fast-food worker:

11. Wow.

12. Some hateful puzzle-maker who wants to see people suffer:

13. This miserable individual:

14. This Pop-Tart artist who didn't even try:

15. He strikes again:

16. Whoever thought this was OK:

17. This lighting expert:

18. This destroyer of all that is good and pure:

19. This diabolical designer who knows that desperate times often call for desperate measures:

20. The elevator designer who didn't want you to make any friends:

21. And this cookie maker who just wants to watch the world burn: