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70 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Latest Grey's Anatomy Episode

There were no tears involved.

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1. Wait, is this the right episode?

2. I've heard all this about the carousel already.

3. Oooohh I see where this is going.

4. Not cool, Shonda.

5. Ok, we get it, you were on a carousel and your mom tried to kill herself, move on.

6. Oh, so he doesn't die?

7. This is before the cops arrive at their house. I get it.

8. Didn't he just leave? Why is he calling already? Are you a stalker now, Derek?

9. Why is he taking a ferry to the airport? Where are his bags?

10. Why is he calling everyone if he's late to the airport? Just drive already!

11. There is no shortcut to the airport.

12. Hate to say they told you so, Derek.

13. So a car accident just happened and Derek is ok. He'll live, right?

14. Unless that driver has a gun and shoots him.

15. Everyone seems to be too much in one piece after their cars flipped over like a thousand times.

16. Is that a boy or a girl?

17. I know they call him McDreamy but you're clearly not dead or you wouldn't be talking.

18. Girl's ok, girl's mom is ok, the girl from Suborgatory is ok, everyone's ok!


20. No, he doesn't.

21. So Derek doesn't die.

22. Are we going to see anyone else besides these people in this episode?

23. "It's a beautiful day to save lives". Still not crying.

24. How stupid would it be if he got hit by another car now?

25. Couldn't you have reached for your phone BEFORE you stopped your car in the middle of the road?

26. Yeah, Shonda's killing him off.

27. Fuck you, Shonda.

28. I wonder who's going to accidentally kill Derek. Amelia maybe?

29. He was in a car accident, he's probably got some head injury, that would make sense.

30. And Amelia's a brain surgeon. Yeah, it's definitely going to be her and then Meredith will kick her out of the house and she'll go live in her dead brother's trailer.

31. That's not Derek.

32. Where are you taking him?


34. I bet these other doctor's are shit.

35. So Derek can't talk, but he's talking in his head.

36. How can no one recognise him? Isn't he supposed to be a famous doctor?

37. He was going to get on a plane to Washington. Where is his wallet? His boarding pass? His phone? I'm pretty sure he needed his ID to go meet with the president.

38. The girl doctor seems like she knows what she's doing.

39. Get a head CT.


41. He's not dead yet, but he will be soon, little girl Derek saved earlier.

42. There's still time to get that head CT.

43. How can he still think while they're operating on him?

44. Even I know it's his brain that's bleeding.

45. Should've gotten that head CT.

46. Too late.

47. Oh hey, Meredith. Yeah, bad news...


49. Wait, I bet this is her imagining things.

50. Damn, I'm good.

51. Why doesn't she call anyone right away?

52. Your husband has a sister and friends, you know...

53. She looks really calm for someone who knows what's coming.

54. Like, too calm.

55. Did you ever love him, Meredith?

56. Is she ever going to start crying?

57. Oh man, that scene with the papers is intense!

58. Still not crying.

59. I bet there's a flashback coming any minute now.


61. They look so young, so fresh.

62. Meredith doesn't even look old enough to be in med school.

63. "Bye, Derek!"

64. How can this woman not be crying and screaming?

65. It's your husband lying there!

66. Flat line.

67. This is not how a woman would react in real life.

68. At least she throws up.

69. If she ends up pregnant with her dead husband's baby, this is officially the worst show on TV.

70. RIP Derek.

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