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Loft Conversions - Make The Most Of The Space In Your Home

If so, you may be missing out on your home's hidden potential. A loft space can be utilised in a number of ways which will make your home both more comfortable and more profitable.

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And while you may be put off by the costs and disruption that the loft conversion process inevitably brings, the potential benefits mean it is a prospect well worth considering.

Why should I invest in a loft conversion?

Most people choose to convert their loft because it gives the home extra living space while dramatically increasing its value. Recent estimates by the Nationwide have suggested that a loft conversion could add as much as 20% to the potential asking price of your home. And if you need more space, it is a much cheaper alternative than moving house, which carries substantial fees and entails a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Also, using your loft as a room brings a host of unique benefits. It may open up a great view of the local area or flood your house with natural light. It can also provide a space in the home away from the general domestic noise and provide greater privacy.

How can I use my loft conversion?

The loft is a versatile space that can be adapted to suit many different situations. Maybe you need to upgrade from a three bedroom to a four-bedroom home to meet the requirements of a growing family. If you work from home, you could benefit from an office space separated from the main house. Or you just want a room to call your own that you can dedicate to a favourite hobby or pastime

A loft conversion might also be useful if you're planning to open your home to lodgers. A large bedroom with an en-suite can function as a private apartment. This option would mean that you've transformed that depressing, underutilised space into a source of income that offsets the initial development costs in no time at all.

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