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11 Fun And Secretly Educational Activities Near Mount Rushmore

Hitting up Mount Rushmore with your family for spring break? Stay in Rapid City and squeeze in some learning along with the fun.

1. Honor your favorite leader at the City of Presidents.

2. Learn how to nature at Outdoor Campus West.

3. Pay a visit to prehistoric beasts at Dinosaur Park.

4. Take a trip back in time at The Journey Museum & Learning Center.

5. Learn about Native American culture at the Crazy Horse Memorial.

6. Be dazzled by flora and fauna at Reptile Gardens for their 80th anniversary.

7. Get your fill of adrenaline underground or above ground at Rush Mountain.

8. Dig up some bones at The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs.

9. Get up close and personal with bison at Custer State Park.

10. Marvel at speleothems at Jewel Cave National Monument.

11. Enter the splash zone at WaTiki Indoor Waterpark.

Heading to Mount Rushmore with your family for spring break? Make Rapid City your headquarters to be near all the best attractions.