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    20 Pokémon Background Pictures That'll Look Great On Your Phone

    They're really cute. Must-haves for all you "Pokémon Go" trainers.

    Perfect for all you new "Pokémon Go" trainers out there, Japan in Soul 日本魂 has shared an album of more than 40 Pokémon backgrounds that are the perfect size for phone screens. Here are the 20 of the best:

    1. Pikachu

    2. Squirtle

    3. Charmander

    4. Bulbasaur

    5. Chikorita

    6. Togepi

    7. Poliwag

    8. Ponyta

    9. Seel

    10. Ditto

    11. Eevee

    12. Clefairy

    13. Gengar

    14. Dugtrio

    15. Dragonite

    16. Totodile

    17. Meowth

    18. Snorlax

    19. Pidgey

    20. Jigglypuff

    Check out the other background pics available on their Facebook page (and in some of the comments!) here.

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