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20 Answers To All The Most Pressing Questions You Had During The Olympics

You asked a lot of questions during the Rio games. Be ready with some answers for the Tokyo games in 2020.

1. What's that white powder the gymnasts use?

2. In the long jump, how is distance measured? The sand pit is always a complete mess after they jump.

3. Can synchronized swimmers even hear the music that's playing during their routines?

4. Why do some swimmers slap themselves?

5. And why do some swimmers wear two swimming caps?

6. What are those bruises the American athletes have?

7. What is the temperature of the water in Olympic pools?

8. Why is the turf on field hockey fields blue?

9. What's up with scoring in tennis games: 15, 30, and 40?

10. Why isn't American football an Olympic sport?

11. What the hell is freestyle swimming?

12. What does the Olympic symbol signify?

13. What does "pyre" refer to?

14. What is a modern pentathlon?

15. Why are gymnasts so short?

16. Why are there two bronze medals in judo?

17. Can judo be used for personal defense?

18. How much does a gold medal weigh?

19. How much is a gold medal worth?

20. Do gold medalists also win money?