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This Traffic Jam Is Literally The Stuff Of Your Worst Nightmares

How did this even happen???

This Thursday (Feb. 2), Brazilian radio station BandNews FM shared an impressive image on their Facebook page, showing an unbelievably gridlocked intersection in São Paulo.

The utter chaos formed due to a lack of signals.

The photo leaves you wondering if those poor souls will ever get out of there.

1. Except for this gray car though, which has just quietly taken a right and is now going to have the whole street to itself.

"Hehehe, Sayonara suckers."

2. Imagine the agony of the person who was driving this white car and was stuck right in the middle of the confusion.

3. Or this unfortunate driver who looks forward and sees a car directly perpendicular to them, looks back and sees another car behind them, looks to the side and sees two other drivers facing their driver's seat window...

4. This other driver wasn't having any of it. At the moment the photo was snapped, they are seen pulling into the bike lane to make their escape.

Don't try this at home.

5. And we can only imagine the expression on the face of this pedestrian, wondering how to get across this mess.

Nobody's really going anywhere, so it's probably safe to cross. But at the same time, do you really want to risk strolling out in the middle of all those cars full of angry, frustrated drivers?

6. This part of the street is entirely clear — clear enough to run around or even lie down in the middle of it??

7. If you look a little closer, there in the background you can see another mini-gridlock forming — a mirror image of the first one.

8. Doesn't this make you feel like coming down from the building, going up to that black car, and saying, "Hey buddy, don't turn in there — it'll get you nowhere!"

  1. Who are you in this traffic jam?

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Who are you in this traffic jam?
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    The car that was sneaking out through the bike lane.
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    The confused pedestrian.
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    The driver who's right in the middle of the whole mess.
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    A person lying in the middle of that empty street.
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    I can't even afford a car.
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    I'd be taking the picture and laughing.
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    I'd like to have the time that BuzzFeed has to sit and stare at this photo.

This post was translated from Portuguese.

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